I’ve left my prescriptions behind before and had them transferred to the local pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and sometimes Publix. It’s usually best if your original prescription is in a chain pharmacy.  You are in their system and it can be filled in Fort Walton or Destin.  I go to this Walgreens, 1.9 miles away (CVS is 1.5 miles away,)  because it is less crowded and away from Destin.   You will find that generally, going to Destin is a hassle because of the traffic.  🙂

Medical Care:
Let’s hope there isn’t a reason to go to an Urgent Care facility. Knock on wood, we haven’t needed to, but it’s always good to know where they are when you go someplace. The closest facility is Gulf Coast Immediate Care. For after hours care or more serious injuries or illness, the locals recommend Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.